I fondly remember having film cameras as a very young child.  I loved making moments my own by capturing them on a film negative.

This interest continued to grow on trips that I went on throughout jr. high and high school.  With the advent of digital photography I learned to enjoy the instant results and power that computer editing provided.

In college at UCSD I minored in photography where I studied under Phel Steinmetz who had been tutored directly by Ansel Adams.  I learned to use my camera to produce works of art and endow my pictures with meaning beyond aesthetics.  A picture could tell a story, teach a lesson, express my opinion, critique society or show emotion.  A new world of possibilities opened.

After graduating from UCSD I completed an internship at Bauman Photographers where I gained an appreciation for how to take a wedding from start to finish, preserving moments for the future.  I learned to capture not just the look of the day, but the feel and personality of the bride and groom.

My lens is a window into my imagination.  Together we can imagine your wedding!